Send Me Money

I believe in the secret laws of attraction. It has brought so much to my life this year spiritually and has improved my outlook on life. Until I heard of "The secret", I never realized how my destructive thinking and the negative vibes I put out into the universe perpetuated themselves making me miserable, more destitute and having no hope. I always told myself that things would get better and "Our ship will come in" but deep down I didn't have the conviction of my beliefs for them to come true. I now have daily affirmations that have changed how I feel, like "I accept perfect health in my life now" and " I accept all the good and abundance in the universe". Little by little in small ways I began to see improvements in my life. Little things that are truly priceless that most people would see no value in but precious to me all the same. In other words, I have discovered that " The secret" really does work!

I have written a check to myself in the amount of what it would take to turn my life around financially. I look at it every day, i believe that it will happen and that somehow, some way, the laws of attraction in the universe will bring it to me. The laws of attraction also teach us that action is also required to make your wishes come true. That is why I put up this website hoping that it would indeed help me reach my goal. I am putting this website out into the universe for people to donate to my "Check".
Whether its a dollar or whatever amount it will get me closer to my goal.

Maybe no one will ever see this website, I don't know. Maybe just having this site up will validate how I feel as having something tangible out there to help me with my dream.

If you would like to donate anything, please use the paypal "Make a Donation" button below, and even if you don't thank you for visiting my site today. If you would be kind enough to put some positive energy into the universe for me that would make me happy as well!